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We (the fruits) are a fun gaming clan.

Welcome to the website of .:.TF.:. The fruitsclan, the world wide multi-gaming clan were fun is the number 1 rule!
This clan started with the goal to make gaming fun!
with games like CSS Bad company 2 Battlefield 3 and 4 League of legends Minecraft an many more games to come.
Play with teams for fun but we also have serious teams.
Thats why multi-gaming and having fun is our motto.
We were a Dutch gaming clan, but now a multicultural clan and we'dlike to invite more foreign players onto our teamspeak.
Of course we are always looking for enthusiastic members.
It doesn't  matter whether you are a beginner or a advanced player, the important part is that you are having fun, everyone is welcome from the age 15 and up!
If you want to be a member, click here to see if you match up to our little demands!
If you do, we will be happy to see you on our teamspeak to meet you.
You can browse though our website for more activities (like upcoming lan-party`s, wars and warteams) on our forum you can find things about our clan but also a variety of things about pc projects movies etc.
and ofcourse we have a facebook!
Enough reason to join us!
Gaming greetz,
The Fruits Clan


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